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  Welcome to our News & Media page! Content is updated regularly, so please check back for updates on our progress and to read new testimonies.

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May the Lord richly bless you as you make this new journey with Him!

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"The thing that has stuck with me since you first introduced it way back when is the story of the man paying so much for the bride and how that impacted her behavior and how other people saw her. About how what we say and do affects how people see themselves.

When I worked with refugee girls and women, it really helped me to understand them and to focus on encouraging and building them up; to try to view them from their cultural perspective. As an ambassador for Jesus, to always set a kind and loving example to them and the men in their lives; to build them up so they would believe in themselves and their abilities to get jobs and provide financial support to their families. 

LaFawn Harrison

"I first had the pleasure of experiencing Isha Value through a women's group I am involved in in my local community I must say, 'Wow! What an eye-opener!' The concepts and truths Barbara imparted to me (us) spoke directly to my soul! 

I was able to understand better, not just the reality of my infinite value in Christ, but how that sense of value translates into my relationships and how I respond to others. I now have a greater knowledge of who I am in Christ...Thank you for Isha Value!"

Christina Sanford, prior CEO Living Waters International

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