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Sharing the

Value of a Woman

Since 2001 Isha Value has been focused on spreading the message of God's profound love to every woman. Isha being the Hebrew word for woman, we are an outreach for women and girls of all ages. Isha Value's mission has been the restoration and empowering of women back to God through the utilization of scripture. Through seminars and studies directed by scripture, we hope to facilitate the healing of women so that they can walk in the truth of the value that God has placed upon them and thus be able to  live a life more abundantly. 

Dedicated to the

Restoration of all women

 Isha Value currently provides services to organizations, churches, and individuals,  empowering and enabling women from all walks of life to become whole and complete in Christ.

Currently, Isha Value provides the following services:



Women's Retreats

Women Conferences

 Bible Studies

Support Services


Stressed Woman

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